Rianna Stackhouse


Rianna has been taking pictures since she sent away for her first “Brownie” with a coupon off the Kellogg Cornflakes Box.  To her, Photography Is A Work Of ArtShe loves working with people and shoots many Wedding and Portrait Sessions.  Her Passion is travelling, “seeing” new landscapes, peoples and places that can touch her heart and make it sing through the medium of her photographic images.  Her Love is Flora and Fauna in all shapes and sizes, but her favourite species of “critters” to try to capture are Alligators and Crocodiles.  Her Stimulation, Inspiration and Enthusiasm comes from the support her husband and best friend gives to her as they explore and capture images together.  Riana is a Professional Photographer and a member of PPABC/PPOC, CAPA and WPPI, and currently is on the Executive of the Langley Camera Club as their Club Statician, taking care of scorekeeping statistics, awards and judges.  She is also the Secretary of the Pacific Zone for CAPA and is Assistant Editor for the IN FOCUS magazine for PPABC. — regularly contributing articles and interviews for the magazine.

She won a $500.00 scholarship award with CAPA, and has had many prints hang in the Provincial and National Salon Competitions.

She won the Fuji Masterpiece Award, received her first Accreditation Award and recently was published in Canadian Geographic as the Photographer of the Week.

She works with the Nikon D300 system.  By consistently taking courses and workshops, she is always seeking to improve her technical skills and learn the skills associated with Fine Art Photography and ways to expand her creativity.


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