LCC Presents Aviation

This is a public event, no charge, everyone is welcome.
We are in for a treat 7pm Wednesday November 25, 2015. Two speakers will be coming on the theme of aviation.
Mike Luedy of Yellow Drum Productions is an aviation photographer. As you can see from the photos below, he has an inside track on photographing the Snowbirds. A look at this website will show you that he photographs much more than that. He will talk about how he gets his shots, show many more pictures, and answer your questions.
Kirsten Brazier is the founder and organizer Girls Fly Too, the annual event that encourages girls to consider a career path in the aviation industry. Kirsten is a pilot herself who has created this amazing event because of her experiences in the industry which is dominated by 95% males. At the events, girls are able to take a free flight in an airplane or helicopter as well as interact with the many hands-on exhibits. This year’s event will be in Abbotsford on March 12 & 13.
Kirsten will be asking club members to consider volunteering their time as event photographers. It’s a worthy cause and a fantastic photo op.
See you on Wednesday night  at Langley Camera Club  meeting  at
Fort Langley Community Hall, 9167 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC
Upstairs – enter from the rear of the building.
Mike Luedy Snow Birds

Mike Luedy website

John Gordon Presents Kenya Travel Photography

John Gordon brings his fabulous presentation “KENYA” to Langley Camera Club, Weds Sept 30 7pm
This is a public event, no charge, everyone is welcome.

John is an accomplished photographer and story teller.
Mark the date on your calendar Weds Sept 30 7pm Upsatris in the main hall:
Langley Camera Club, 9167 Glover Rd, Fort Langley, BC

John GordonJohn Gordon has been involved in community newspapers since 1983 until 2011. His professional photography career began on Vancouver Island at the Campbell River Courier/Upper Islander before making the move to the Lower Mainland in 1989. Based in Langley, his work can seen throughout the Lower Mainland. Articles and photography have also been featured in Photo Life and Birders World, Parks Canada and other.

Awards include 2 Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Award and a Nikon Digital Imaging Award as well as 30 national and provincial newspaper awards.

His first book Langley Familiar Places: Familiar Scenes published in 2004 sold 3000 copies. His recent book The Langleys was published in Nov 2008 and has also sold 3000 copies.

John also gives presentations throughout the Lower Mainland for the Fraser Valley Regional Library.


Welcome to the 2015/16 LCC season

Welcome returning members, new comers and visitors!
Are you thinking of developing your photography hobby? Come check us out up to 3 visits before you need to commit to LCC
We have a greeters table, friendly folks and a wide range of photographers – novice thru professional. Everyone is welcome.

It was a spectacular summer for photographers and the fall is shaping up to be fabulous.

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LCC THEMES for 2015/16

Langley Camera Club Monthly Themes 2015-2016
LCC will send out theme tip about one month prior to each due date.

SEPT:   Abandoned & Discarded

OCTOBER: Shooting Up or Shooting Down
(use this different perspective)

NOVEMBER: Fog or Mist

DECEMBER: Creating Motion in a Still Image
(This is the CAPA theme)

JANUARY: Monochrome – (NOT black & white)
An exploration of the tones/hues of a single color (blue/red/yellow etc.)
NOTE: LCC recently had a black & white theme. Donot submit black & white.

FEBRUARY: Table-Top / Still Life
(Set up or arrange your subject on a table or platform)

MARCH: Alley-way’s – No documentary images of graffiti.
Graffiti can be in the image, but not the main subject.
NOTE: LCC recently had Graffiti as a theme. Donot submit an image of graffiti.

APRIL: Flash Fun

MAY: Texture (example: peeling paint)

JUNE: Water Life- On It, In It, Through It, Around It

Andrea Sirois Presents Weds April 22

Langley Camera Club presents Andrea Sirois. This is a public, no charge event. Everyone is welcome.7pm LCC club house in Ft Langley
Andrea Sirois is an accomplished Vancouver photographer has many pieces of public and private art, with work in Skytrain stations and other public spaces in Richmond and Surrey, you can see one of her pieces at the Jimmy Pattisson Out Patient facility in North Surrey. She teaches at Langara, has a commercial client list, is currently working on a new project with the City of Vancouver as well as doing her own personal body of Fine Art prints.

March 25 Dee Lippingwell at Langley Camera Club

Wednesday March 25 – Guest Speaker – Dee Lippingwell.
Dee Lippingwell presents on Weds March 25 7pm Langley Community Hall, this is a public, no charge event – everyone is welcome!

Vancouver born, award winning Dee Lippingwell started her journalistic photography caFirst 3 songs no flashreer some 40 years ago, concentrating her attention and her lens on the entertainment industry. Her love of music propelled her toward shooting local musicians and her success on that level led her into shooting the most famous of all rock idols of the 70′, 80’s, 90’s and on into a new century.

First 3 songs no flash“…. Being in ‘the pit’ and knowing that you have the opportunity to capture a moment in time is exhilarating but it’s also stressful. I get butterflies in my stomach even still and worry if the lights are good enough to shoot. I would imagine it feels similar to what a performer would feel just before going on stage. I anticipate the perfect shot like the performer anticipates the perfect performance so it’s all built on the same stuff.”

“I put out my first book ‘The Best Seat In The House’ in 1987 and everyone at that time asked me if I met or interacted with the stars, and if I did what happened. Everyone was so interested in the stories. They encouraged me to write them down, so I did, which resulted in 40 years worth of stories and photographs in one big pile.

A few years ago I started working through that pile and editing those stories adding photos to each one and before I knew it, I had my second book…….”FIRST THREE SONGS…NO FLASH!”
Visit Dee’s website:

Click on the banner to learn more about Dee Lippingwell.Dee