Outside Competitions

This information updated Sept 09, 2016

At the bottom of this page are the complete rules & guides for the CAPA Open and Nature competitions. The CAPA rules are specific, the selection committee must adhere to them. It is in your best interest to read the clearly laid out rules & guides.

IMPORTANT: IMAGE NAME – 4 word maximum.
“Naming of images” CAPA has placed a 4 word maximum for image names. Please stay within the 4 word maximum. Images with titles of more than 4 words do not meet the criteria and do not qualify for consideration.
Please use this email address to submit for image for consideration,

The required sizing for CAPA is maximum 1400 wide X 1050 high.
Size your images correctly -Your submission may not be accepted if sized wrong.
Maximum submission is ONE image per maker, PER competition.
Files must be in JPEG format. No exceptions.
Files must be in the sRGB colour space.
Images need to be submitted by the deadline to be considered.There are no exceptions.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to the OUTSIDE CHAIRPERSON: Joy Gerow   lensdancer@gmail.com
Outside Competitions Chair (Printed and Projected)

For additional support, please click to open the following PDF documents:

2016 CAPA Annual Digital Competition – Your Best Image


CAPA Competitions Guide 2015-2016 Austrilia CAPA NAtureCAPA NAture