Outside Competitions

This information updated November 13, 2017

At the bottom of this page are the complete rules & guides for the CAPA Open and Nature competitions. The CAPA rules are specific, the selection committee must adhere to them. It is in your best interest to read the clearly laid out rules & guides.

Current Competitions & Rules

IMPORTANT: IMAGE NAME – 4 word maximum.
“Naming of images” CAPA has placed a 4 word maximum for image names. Please stay within the 4 word maximum. Images with titles of more than 4 words do not meet the criteria and do not qualify for consideration.
Please use this email address to submit for image for consideration,
[email protected]

The required sizing for CAPA is maximum 1400 wide X 1050 high.
Size your images correctly -Your submission may not be accepted if sized wrong.
Maximum submission is ONE image per maker, PER competition.
Files must be in JPEG format. No exceptions.
Files must be in the sRGB colour space.
Images need to be submitted by the deadline to be considered.There are no exceptions.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to the OUTSIDE CHAIRPERSON: Joy Gerow   [email protected]
Outside Competitions Chair (Printed and Projected)

Competition Rules & Details:  https://capacanada.ca/capa-competitions/current-competitions/ for all details concerning current competition rules over and above Joy Gerow’s instructions, concerning LCC’s own criteria for entering as a club members. However, you will submit to the our club first and LCC will then do the actual submitting of our official entry.

NOTE: You may only enter as a member of ONE club for each competition. “Some are members of more than one club”

LCC’s Rules and Image Submission Process:

  • Please go to the CAPA Website and check out the information you need to know pertaining to the format of the images, and rules for each competition you are interested in participating in.
  • All CAPA competitions are open to all club members as we are a CAPA club and you submit as a member of that club. You don’t need to be an individual member of CAPA for these submissions.
  • You may submit only ONE image digital or print for each competition to be considered for our entry.
  • Please submit by the submission deadline we set for each competition in order to make sure your image is included for consideration.
  • If you have previously won or placed with an image in a CAPA competition, you may not enter it again.
  • Please submit to: [email protected] for digital images and a jpeg in the case of a print for viewing purposes in the actual entry.
  • Specify in your email in the Subject Line which competition you are submitting to for each attached image. If it makes it easier, send your images in separate emails and one less step for this end.
  • Digital Images and Jpegs of your Prints: Please size them at 1400W x 1050H and sRGB Colourspace as outlined on the CAPA website. NO NAME is to be on the front of your image. (same rules at club evaluation)
  • Create your filename to include Title of your submission and your Name AS the File Name ( Image Title and Your Name.jpeg ) when sending your images for consideration to ensure the appropriate image is linked to the correct author. IF your image is chosen to be part of the entry, I have to change the sequence of the file name only … your title and name will remain intact.
  • For Prints: Please prepare your prints as outlined in that competition specs on the CAPA Website and Label your print on the back, right hand top corner with your name, club, competition, email, phone number and TITLE
  • ** As a rule for our LCC entry in Prints, it is preferred to submit 16×20 outside dimension matted with a single black or white window mat, and firmly backed with another solid mat as this travels better in our LCC Print Case. If they are all the same size it makes for better handling at the other end. The window in the mat can be no smaller than an 8×10 and no larger than the full edge to edge 16”x20” dimensions.
  • We have a selection committee who will critique your images and score them accordingly out of 30 just as we do at club.
  • We may and often do get more than the entry limit in submissions, so please be aware your images may not make it into the final entry of 6 if there are for example, 18 images submitted.
  • The committee, sees each image anonymously separated into the group for each competition.
  • They score it according to the rules of each competition (I send them the same thing you see as per rules of the competition), send it back to me and I place each judges score onto a spread sheet for the purpose of tallying the scores.
  • The top six highest tallies for each competition compiles the entry for that competition.
  • When images are scored by the CAPA host judges during competition, the score you receive will go towards your Outside Competition Aggregate for our club that will be used at our Annual Awards Ceremony in October the following season.
  • Those image makers whose images don’t make into the competition will receive 10 points toward their aggregate for participating.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the competitions please contact Joy Gerow, at [email protected] or in person at club.