LCC Outings for members

Gatherings for photography through Langley Camera Club Outings Meetup is open to club members only.

The Langley Camera Club organizes photo field trips on a regular basis. These outings are fun and it is a terrific way to get to know some of your fellow club members.

(Please Note that if you are not a LCC member yet but are interested in finding out more about the club, then you are welcome to join the Langley Camera Club Photowalks on Langley Camera Club Photowalks Meetup is set up as an outreach for those who are interested in finding out more about the Langley Camera Club.)

Meeting & details for each Langley Camera Club Outing will be announced to the club members at  a couple weeks prior through

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Let’s get together and take pictures – check out Langley Camera Club Outings on MeetUp to find out what’s happening.  For the more information about the club’s activities, check out: Langley Camera Club This Month

LCC members can stay in touch with the Langley Camera Club by registering with the Langley Camera Club Outings Meetup.

Please sign up it’s free You can connect to MeetUp through your home computer, laptop or Smartphone. Register with Meetup click:

Once you have your login, do a search for Langley Camera Club Outings by clicking on “Find A Meetup Group” at the top left of the Meetup site. – set the distance search to 25 miles, then in the search box enter Langley Camera Club Outings.

When you find a Langley Camera Club Outings Meetup group, just click the ‘Join Us’ button on the Meetup’s homepage.

If you have a question, please feel free to email:

LCC Outings Meetup:  [email protected]

LCC Photowalks Meetup:   [email protected]


Photography in public places, know your rights & responsibilities.