Submission Instructions

Welcome to the Langley Camera Club’s image Evaluation Night.
Member’s images are scored and receive a brief critique if desired.

Request for image comment
We ask that level 4, 5 and 6 members please limit their comment request to one.
Level 1, 2 & 3 members may request up to 2 images for comment.

Images for Evaluation Night are accepted until 6:00 am of the Tuesday prior to Evaluation Night

Direct link to submission Wizard.
READ THIS IMAGE INFO prior to clicking on the above link:
Maximum image dimensions are 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels tall.
JPEG (.jpg file extension) is the only format accepted, max file size 2MB

The maximum number of images you may submit on Evaluation Night is two.
A member may submit one image (print or projected) into the THEME category
and/or one image (print or projected) in the OPEN category.

Alternatively, a member may submit two images (print and/or projected) into the THEME category; with none in the OPEN category.

The maximum number of images that can be submitted on Evaluation Night is two, at least one must be THEME –
If only one image is submitted it may be THEME or OPEN.
(2 images may be submitted on THEME – the maximum number of images permitted for OPEN is ONE)

OOOOPs – I Goofed On My Submission
Click on this link and explain your issue – in great detail please 🙂
LCC I goofed on my Evaluation Night submission