Fraser Valley Invitational Results

2013 – 14th Annual FVI “Culture’ The Canadian Edition”

Place Club Score
1 Lions Gate Camera Club 232.0
1 North Shore Photographic Society 232.0
2 Langley Camera Club 222.0
3 Chung Ai Photographic Society 218.0
4 Abbotsford Photo Arts Club 214.0
5 Delta Photo Club 212.0
6 Clear Focus Camera Club 206.0
7 Surrey Photography Club 200.0
8 Chilliwack Camera Club 195.0
9 New Westminster Photography Club 185.0
10 Crescent Beach Photography Club 145.0

The top three images were…

    • First place image by Jamie Douglas of the Lions Gate Camera Club: Provincial Bird of Newfoundland & Labrador (27)
    • Second place image by Randy Dyke of the Clear Focus Camera Club: My Past, Your Present, Our Future (26)
    • Third place image by Connor Stefanison of the Lions Gate Camera Club: Ontario’s Provicial Bird (26)

(Tie breaker by judges determined the 2nd place & 3rd place finish)

Previous Fraser Valley Invitational Results

YEAR THEME First Place
2012 “Street” Lions Gate Club
2011 “Night” Chung Ai Photographic Society
2010 “Water In Any Form” North Shore Photographic Society
2009 “Beautiful BC” Chung Ai Photographic Society
2008 “Light” North Shore Photgraphic Society
2007 “Power” North Shore Photgraphic Society
2006 “Airborne” Lions Gate Camera Club
2005 “Flawed” Coquitlam Camera Club
2004 “Aged” Langley Camera Club
2003 “Transportation” Langley Camera Club
2002 “Food” Delta Photo Guild5
2001 “Emotions” Delta Photo Guild
2000 “Soft” Abottsford Photo Arts Club

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