Langley Camera Club has three (3) Facebook pages;

LCC Membership only Facebook:
This LCC members only group is to post images for feedback, suggestions and critique. This is the  place where members can receive advice and guidance from other members about their images.

This is another resource for members to ask questions of the group concerning the how, what & why changes could be made to improve an image or just to ask general inquiry questions about of all levels of photography – hobbyist to professional. Click on the link and request JOIN – the admin will confirm your LCC membership and you’re in.
LCC Members only FB Group: Feedback, Hints & Help 

LCC PUBLIC Facebook:
The public LCC FB page is another way to stay connected with Langley Camera Club, local photographic goings on keep updated with interesting photo related goings on. Click on the link and then LIKE the page.
Langley Camera Club Facebook Page
BELOW is the LCC Public Facebook page:

  • Shooting at high ISO is actually okay, it's definitely not a felony...

    March 13

  • The 3 types neutral density (ND) filters explained...

    February 26

  • Classic & helpful knowledge never gets old... enjoy these 10 composition tips

    February 19

  • Filters: they have a purpose (somethings can't be done in the digital darkroom).

    February 09

  • They're not tricks; they're photography...

    January 29

  • Connect your iPhone/Android to a telescope, microscope or binoculars in this easy 3 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/37eQcA2I_lE

    January 26

  • Thank you Kerri-Jo Stewart for your inspiring presentation on creativity last night at the Langley Camera Club. It was interesting to see your wide range of photography and I look forward to seeing more of your work and perhaps joining you for one of your Photowalks in Steveston. Thanks again.

    January 26

  • 4 Types of Light -categorize under "good to know"

    January 22

  • Check this out!

    January 12

  • Have you tried the "Photograph DIET" (acronym) Design, Information, Emotion, and Timing.

    January 03

  • The picture might begin in the viewfinder but it's made in the digital darkroom... Watch the before & after time lapse of creating a striking image of a car:

    January 01

  • 5 easy tips to add a fresh look to your photos.

    December 24

  • 17 pictures confirming nature is grand.

    December 12

  • Amazing stories in a single photograph. #news #art #culture #sport #life

    December 04

  • Someone left a black coat at the hall last night, if it's yours, call Dianne at the hall 604-897-5155 to Arrange pick up.

    December 01

  • 35 inspiring photos captured at night

    November 29

  • 8 macro pics of insects. Amazing.

    November 25

  • Tonight! 7pm Friday Nov 25, 2016 Chris Harris brings his latest book to Rose Gellert Hall in the city Langley (details in poster) THIS is a public & free event. Everyone is welcome.

    November 25

  • Very nice pictures of real life.

    November 17

  • 4 tips to get your image right as you’re actually shooting.

    November 13