Michele Broadfoot

Michele Broadfoot

Photography – I love it!

I started off as an artist earning my Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College, Vancouver (majoring in Sculpture).  I also studied at the Ottawa School of Art.   Art led to photography.  One of my first jobs was at Japan Camera where I tried out different cameras and saved up for my first SLR a Ricoh XRP.   I currently shoot with a Nikon D90.

Nature photography is a joy to me – I love capturing moments in time and the feeling you get when you’ve just nailed a great shot.  I also enjoy taking casual outdoor family pictures at Derby Reach in the fall leaves to celebrations, and children with Santa.

 I love sunsets, misty scenes, sunrises and smiles.  My camera is part of me and I enjoy capturing the beauty of nature and special moments in people’s lives.  To see more examples of my work go to www.michelebroadfootphotography.com (Michele with one “L”).

Joining the Langley Camera Club has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I love seeing the different styles of photography, learning new techniques and meeting great people who are passionate about photography.


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