Lionel Adams

Lionel Adams

I developed an interest in photography when our daughter was born.
I made an agreement with myself that there would be no shortage of material showing the
different stages of her life.  I owned a range finder camera back then.

As my skills improved, I purchased a single lens reflex unit.  Today,
I am faced with the challenge of digital photography.  Fortunately, I was presented
with a point-and-shoot model.

Often, I am hesitant to discuss photography, as some listeners see me as someone
with a lot of money.  That isn’t the case!  After a while, one learns to
economize in ways that keep spending to a minimum.  Buying outdated film and purchasing
good quality used equipment from reputable outlets are prime examples.

My photographic ability has developed through involvement with Langley Camera Club,
visits to museums and galleries, attendance at seminars, surfing the Net, and reading books and

The mere encounter with a “Kodak Moment” is great therapy for the soul.
Capturing it with a camera gets better as I keep clicking.

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