Judy Daniels

Judy Daniels

Remembering Judy Daniels
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The photographic community in Canada has lost a consummate colleague and friend.

Judy Daniels, who had been an active member of the Langley Camera Club for ten years, came to the end of her courageous 18-month battle with cancer on December 20, 2009. She is mourned by her daughters, Kelly and Lisa, and her son, Dan, and five grandchildren as well as countless friends and fellow photographers.

Judy was born in England and grew up in Vancouver. Her interest in photography began with a gift from her Dad of a Brownie Hawkeye camera on her 9th birthday. She began to seriously pursue photography in 1998 and it quickly became her raison d’être

In addition to being an active member of the Langley Camera Club, she also was a member of the Lions Gate Camera Club and Canadian Association for Photographic Art. Judy has been recognized for her photographic excellence with countless awards and had her work published in magazines and sold to collectors.

Even though she was an accomplished photographer, Judy was never content to rest. She strove to continually push her capabilities by participating in a major photographic workshop or tour at least once each year, which included workshops with Freeman Paterson and trips to Tuscany, England, South America, Churchill, Newfoundland and, of course, her annual pilgrimage to BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. After every trip, her friends and club members knew that a series of awe-inspiring photographs would soon appear on the hallways of her home or in camera club competitions.

Judy gave back to our community as much as she received. As well as volunteering for many positions within her clubs, she also served as a certified judge. Her comments were knowledgeable, encouraging and instructional. Many of us would send her images privately for a personal critique and she always took considerable time to offer a thorough and helpful review. Judy also mentored other photographers in the art of judging.

While Judy’s legacy of photographic work will continue to inspire and set a standard for the rest of us, she will also be remembered for her wit and sense of humor. She was quick to offer an opinion (whether wanted or not!) and we always knew where we stood with Judy.  If that meant she stepped on someone’s toe, she was right there to recognize that and make amends. She greatly valued the people around her and thrived on learning about photography with others.

Her love and appreciation for her friends and family is evident in the excerpt below from a letter she sent in January 2009 after surgery.

The next time a friend needs support and a hug (actual or virtual), I will always remember how your amazing, unconditional, generous, friendship and caring made a huge difference to keeping my attitude positive and my hopefulness alive, and I will always do everything in my power to pay that forward. What a precious and rare gift a true friend is!! We all lead such busy lives, full of responsibilities and commitments, that we often tend to overlook the simple things that are the most important of all – friendship, love, and all the positive, wonderful things that you all have given to me in the past few months.

All of us who knew Judy are privileged that our paths overlapped for a time.

Dennis Ducklow
Langley Camera Club

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Judy has been “taking pictures” ever since her Dad gave her a Brownie Hawkeye for her 9th Birthday, but has been seriously Making Images for about 10 years. She shoots with a 35 mm SLR System, and does not plan to “go” Digital yet. Although she enjoys people on a social level, they are probably the only subjects that she does not try to capture on film. Her favourite themes involve landscapes, flowers, and all nature, but her first love is Macro, that wonderful tiny world that most people never see. She is also fascinated by the beautiful abstract images that can be extracted from common objects, using a Macro Lens and some imagination.

Judy has been the Slide Chairperson for The Langley Camera Club for the past five years, and, as a CAPA-Certified Judge, enjoys evaluating images for other clubs in the Lower Mainland. Her work is also seen in the different articles that she writes for the LCC Viewfinder and for CAPA’s Pacific Zone News.

She loves to experiment with new and creative techniques in photographic art, and her annual travel plans usually include at least one Photography Workshop or Tour.

Check out Judy’s gallery at http://www.gallerydir.com/art-web/ARTIST/data/Artist_Name/Judy_Daniels/ID/113


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