Jim Horn

Jim Horn

Jim’s interest in photography began with a Polaroid Land Camera that his dad bought him for Christmas when he was a youngster. I suppose the instant gratification of the Polaroid is the main reason he’s such a devout follower of digital photography (although he appreciates film-based photography too). Jim bought a high-end digital back in 1999 (a 1MP Kodak!), and the passion really began. He has since switched to Canon equipment, with his latest acquisition being a 30D. So far Jim’s resisted the temptation to buy lots and lots of fancy glass – but resistance is futile, and I’m sure he’ll soon cave (I know him all too well).

Jim’s other interests include hiking, cooking, working with his hands, and computers – not necessarily in that order.

Jim has been a member of the LCC since the Fall of 2005, and is currently serving his second sentence on the Executive Committee as Webmaster.


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