Dennis Ducklow

Dennis Ducklow

I’ve been interested in photography since the early 70s when I bought a Canon Ftb. It was a great camera to learn on since nothing was automatic. Seemed OK at the time!

My interest in photography was reignited almost ten years ago when my camera was stolen. It was a good excuse to upgrade and since that time I have developed a serious passion to learn everything I can about photography.

I love to photograph landscapes, nature, macro and people. My daughter, Zoë, and I photograph weddings together. We think we’re a great team as our approaches are quite different, creating a very complementary package of photos. You can see our work at

One thing that photography has taught me is to never pass an opportunity when it is presented – it likely will never happen that way again. Photography, like other pursuits, is a journey filled with challenges. I’m encouraged by the words of Emily Carr, who said, “I want the big thing (perfect image) but even if it never comes satisfactorily in paint, the trying for it is worthwhile.”


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