Two Zero One Three

Ok. Now what? Have you taken your first picture of 2013? Have you set a goal of getting an image published in a magazine?
Have you decided that THIS is the year you will submit an image for evaluation at Competition Night?

The great thing about goals & resolutions is all it takes is one item to complete your list.

Still mulling things around? Here are a few ideas for you – LCC focused:

1) Come out to a club outing – Sunday Jan 13, 2013 5:45AM meetup with Steveston the destintation RAIN or SHINE.
2) Submit an image to the January Comp Night – theme “Food”
3) Get involved with the club ‘behind the scenes’ talk to Bill K or Marlene E – or any of the Exec. We are still needing
a few hands to get involved with the FVI – talk to Bill K or Glen McK
4) Show your pictures at membershow case – a digital slide show with music or just individual pictures you talk about.
3 minutes to 15 minutes – Share with us – we’d love to see them.
5) Do you have special photographic technique or a unique shooting style that you can show us or tell us about?
We would love to hear about it.
6) If taking pictures of flowers is your favorite subject – try photography for one month without taking pictures of flowers.
7) Only ever use a zoom lens? Put it away for 2 weeks and shoot with fixed focal length (prime lens) only.
8) Take your first picture of the year.
9) Take your next picture of the year.
10) Print your first picture of the year.

Welcome to Two Zero One Three, may it be the best 365 days you have this year!

New Bannerz!

As you may have noticed (especially since they take up a large portion of the screen), there are new banner images on the site. These are crops of the images that scored 24 or over in March’s Competition Evening.

Unfortunately, some of the images wouldn’t work for banners – typically because they’re portrait rather than landscape orientation. My intention is to create and upload replacements each month, and perhaps for the summer break I’ll do a “best of” theme where the top one or two images from the previous season are displayed.

The only drawback to using these images for banners is that they’re quite large in file size, so may slow page loading a bit. I’ve chosen to use minimal compression on them for the time-being, but may increase that in the future.

Anyhow, enjoy!