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Upcoming Photowalk & Outings Meetups for the 2017 / 2018 Season:

Kanaka Falls; “Night Of All Souls” at Mountain View Cemetery; Steveston Cannery & Ship Building; Surrey Dhaliwal Festival; Pitt River Dyke; Gymnastics; Blue Heron Sanctuary in Chilliwack; Coal Harbour; Othello Tunnels; Rugby or Football; PDPC Photomotion AV Show; Burnaby Village Museum; Potter, Raku or Weaving Guild; Pet Lovers Show; Eagle Dairy Farm; Telus Building; Street Photography; Model Shoot

Langley Camera Club Outings Meetup:

Photography get-togethers for Langley Camera Club members only. Please join us on our monthly Outing Meetups .  These outings are fun and it is a terrific way to get to know some of your fellow club members.

Langley Camera Club Photowalks Meetup:

Photography get-togethers for club members, friends and newcomers.  Langley Camera Club Photowalks is used as an outreach and promotion of the club activities and to generate new club membership.

Come out with us, we’re a friendly club.

Learn more about our Meetups by viewing this slideshow.  Click Here.

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Once you have your login, do a search for Langley Camera Club Photowalks by clicking on “Find A Meetup Group” at the top left of the Meetup site. – set the distance search to 25 miles, then in the search box enter Langley Camera Club Photowalks

When you find a Langley Camera Club Photowalks Meetup group, just click the ‘Join Us’ button on the Meetup’s homepage.

If you have a question, please feel free to email:

For LCC Outings:  [email protected] 

For LCC Photowalks:  [email protected]

For the latest information check out: Langley Camera Club This Month