Weds Jan 27 Photo Impressionism

Wed Jan 27  – Guest Speaker Night – Gerry Hiebert Presents: “Photo Impressionism or How I Found My Voice and Learned To See What Wasn’t There”

This is a public event, no charge. Everyone is welcome.

Do you find compositional rules frustrating and the technical emphasis restrictive?
So does Gerry.
The impressionistic values of light, colour and motion real or implied, primarily through in-camera captures is the exploration of Gerry’s presentation.

Gerry’s strengths are his ability to compose effectively, minimizing distractions to simplify images, creating unique interpretations of familiar subjects, and constantly pushing the boundaries of his experience and imagination.
A past president of APAC, Gerry currently wears a variety of hats in his club.

Be inspired and begin experimenting and developing your own impressionistic voice.

We meet at 7pm Jan 27 in Fort Langley at the Fort Langley Community Hall 9167 Glover Road,
Fort Langley, BC

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