LCC THEMES for 2015/16

Langley Camera Club Monthly Themes 2015-2016
LCC will send out theme tip about one month prior to each due date.

SEPT:   Abandoned & Discarded

OCTOBER: Shooting Up or Shooting Down
(use this different perspective)

NOVEMBER: Fog or Mist

DECEMBER: Creating Motion in a Still Image
(This is the CAPA theme)

JANUARY: Monochrome – (NOT black & white)
An exploration of the tones/hues of a single color (blue/red/yellow etc.)
NOTE: LCC recently had a black & white theme. Donot submit black & white.

FEBRUARY: Table-Top / Still Life
(Set up or arrange your subject on a table or platform)

MARCH: Alley-way’s – No documentary images of graffiti.
Graffiti can be in the image, but not the main subject.
NOTE: LCC recently had Graffiti as a theme. Donot submit an image of graffiti.

APRIL: Flash Fun

MAY: Texture (example: peeling paint)

JUNE: Water Life- On It, In It, Through It, Around It