March 25 Dee Lippingwell at Langley Camera Club

Wednesday March 25 – Guest Speaker – Dee Lippingwell.
Dee Lippingwell presents on Weds March 25 7pm Langley Community Hall, this is a public, no charge event – everyone is welcome!

Vancouver born, award winning Dee Lippingwell started her journalistic photography caFirst 3 songs no flashreer some 40 years ago, concentrating her attention and her lens on the entertainment industry. Her love of music propelled her toward shooting local musicians and her success on that level led her into shooting the most famous of all rock idols of the 70′, 80’s, 90’s and on into a new century.

First 3 songs no flash“…. Being in ‘the pit’ and knowing that you have the opportunity to capture a moment in time is exhilarating but it’s also stressful. I get butterflies in my stomach even still and worry if the lights are good enough to shoot. I would imagine it feels similar to what a performer would feel just before going on stage. I anticipate the perfect shot like the performer anticipates the perfect performance so it’s all built on the same stuff.”

“I put out my first book ‘The Best Seat In The House’ in 1987 and everyone at that time asked me if I met or interacted with the stars, and if I did what happened. Everyone was so interested in the stories. They encouraged me to write them down, so I did, which resulted in 40 years worth of stories and photographs in one big pile.

A few years ago I started working through that pile and editing those stories adding photos to each one and before I knew it, I had my second book…….”FIRST THREE SONGS…NO FLASH!”
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