Welcome back members and newcomers

LCC club meetings resume Wednesday September 12, 2012
(the 1st Executive meeting is Wed Sept 5)

LCC members please note: The September theme is “Farms”
The entire list of themes for the coming season have been posted
under the tab MEMBER RESOURCES.

Members, a reminder, the annual fees are still $50 for individual memberships and $75 for family memberships.
Newcomers are welcome to visit up to three times prior to joining – come and join us for a few meetings
and see if we are a good fit for you. Our club is comprised of all levels of photographers – new to the hobby
right thru to those who make their living with photography. It is is this diverse range that helps to keep LCC a vibrant club.

From Suzanne Brown membership co-ordinator:
I look forward to seeing you all again after a wonderful summer… Another reminder, when you come to renew you membership
please say your name whether you think/know we know your name – with age comes that inability to remember names
when I need them – that goes for close friends and family I have known all my life 🙂
also May will be assisting this year so will be helpful for her.

One last thing, I will of course be doing the LCC Membership Photo Book again this year so if you have a headshot
to submit for it (if you have been too shy in the past) or want to update your headshot – sent the full sized jpeg to me.